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Stressed as hell, don’t need this.


why is it considered rude to ask people to stop touching you. u know whats rudE???? fckin touching people w/o their consent. God

When I was pregnant, someone literally just walked over to me and touched my belly and I moved and said “no” then THEY got angry

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Been so unwell today, so much worse than yesterday. My headache somehow spread to my ears and made me dizzy. Not cool when I had to carry Riley!
It’s as if he knew I wasn’t well though because he’s been so well behaved all day, little star!

Shoutout to all the mummies in the ttc tag. You’re all strong badasses! Keep trying and I hope and pray you get the news you want soon x


Apparently, Riley would rather eat his feet over chocolate!

Apparently, Riley would rather eat his feet over chocolate!

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I get SO angry at the thought of anyone hurting a baby/child. If I was to murder anyone in the future, it would be to protect a kid.

If anyone hurt Riley, I’d probably torture them too before killing them. Wow, I’m angry just thinking about it. My blood is boiling.

No idea what’s wrong with me but I feel ill. Banging headache in my temples, sore throat and I just have 0% energy.

As if people have made more mumblr hate blogs. Haha you’re actually so pathetic if you run one.

Condoning bullying and you have a child? A* parenting there!

I love Jonathan!

I love Jonathan!